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Microporous Paper Tape 2"x10yd


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JJ CARE is a company dedicated to providing high quality products and superior service, with the comfort and convenience of customers in mind. The Microporous Tape is just one of these products created after months of meticulous research, design and production. We made sure to only utilize the highest-quality materials evident in every roll of Micropore Tape, carefully inspected and quality-controlled before being sent out. With this diligent process, we can be sure of customer fulfillment after every use.

wound protection tape medical surgical healing

micropore tape 1 inch

jj care microporous tape


Micropore medical tape is great for bandage gauze and dressing changes. The medical tape also helps devices to stay on skin for a long time. Did you know that our tape can also be added to sports equipment as nonslip grips? The micropore tape is also easy to write on and can serve as labels on jars, organizers and more.


The microporous medical tape is latex-free. The tape is gentle on skin and will not cause irritation however long it’s kept on contact. This tape also promises smooth removal – no more traumatic tape removal moments. And one more important fact, the tape leaves no residue on skin.


A moist environment facilitates faster wound healing. JJ CARE Micropore Tape features a breathable adhesive that sticks well yet gentle on skin. Use of the right medical tape prevents further tissue damage. JJ CARE Micropore Tape is sure to make your wound healing journey as comfortable as possible.


The Micropore Tape sticks well and keeps dressings, bandages and devices secure on skin for longer periods of time. Lessened adhesive tape changes will help you save up on dressing and bandage costs. This type of medical tape works well on bandages that need to be frequently changed. Create a conducive wound healing environment with the reliable surgical adhesive tape.


JJ CARE’s Micropore Tape is a lightweight and breathable medical tape that’s safe for sensitive skin, yet offers great adhesion. It’s the ideal choice for wound care management and other practical uses at home and in businesses, clinics and hospitals.


10 yards

10 yards

10 yards

10 yards


14 rolls

28 rolls

8 rolls

16 rolls
  • ✅ BREATHABLE TAPE - JJ Care's Micropore Surgical Tape is a general-purpose adhesive tape best used for wound dressing and overall wound care. This bandage/dressing tape is made of a highly breathable material that protects skin integrity especially during prolonged wound care. Despite great adhesion, the tape still lets the skin breathe without causing irritation.
  • ✅ HYPOALLERGENIC - The Micropore Paper Tape is made latex-free and safe on sensitive skin. It is important to choose the right type of adhesive tape so as not to cause further tissue damage to healing wounds or any allergic reaction. As an excellent wound care product, the microporous tape offers smooth and painless removal, high skin tolerance and no residue.
  • ✅ DIFFERENT USES - The Microporous Tape can be used on several applications. This type of white tape is most often used in regular bandage and dressing changes. And because it lets skin breathe, the tape is great for those with sensitive skin. In sports, micropore is sometimes added to sports equipment to serve as nonslip grips. Micropore is also easy to write on and can be utilized as labels.
  • ✅ WOUND PROTECTION - A moist environment is conducive to wound healing. Covering wounds with the right type of bandage + dressing + adhesive tape combination helps protect the wound bed from contamination and keeps it moist. Use of the breathable microporous tape prevents further damage to the skin while providing bandage stability.
  • ✅ PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL USE - JJ Care's Medical Paper Tape is great to have around the house. Moms will find a roll or two handy in covering up minor cuts, scrapes and wounds of little ones. In the kitchen, the white tape can be used as removable labels for organizers and bottles. Clinics, laboratories and hospitals should never run out of these helpful rolls of tape.

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Microporous Paper Tape 2"x10yd

Microporous Paper Tape 2"x10yd